Thanks from the Stewart Center

Stewart Center Thanks





Dear Scott Boulevard Baptist Church,

The Andrew P. Stewart Center has many church partners, but rarely do we receive a gift as significant as your recent donation. We are always in need of financial assistance and appreciate all monetary gifts, though the average church member does not know or feel the significance of a financial contribution. By giving your van to the Stewart Center you have given a part of your church family to the boys and girls of Reynoldstown. Scott Boulevard’s ministry impact did not cease when you donated your van, rather your ministry has been extended to an area of town and to a group of people that will likely never attend Scott Boulevard for a worship service. You have undoubtedly had many fond memories with the van and we are thankful that you have now given our children the opportunity to make lasting memories and have new experiences because of “Scottie.”

Although the children in the enclosed picture were less than thrilled about lining up for a photo they are extremely excited to ride in our new van. They will be even more please to ride in the van during summer camp due to the fact that our other van does not have air conditioning. The van has already been busy carting children from school to the Center and it will only get busier as we embark on field trips over spring break and throughout summer camp. Transportation is a huge factor in our efforts to provide the children and their families with experiential learning opportunities. The Center’s lack of reliable transportation has been a hindrance if not an outright obstacle to previous ministry endeavors. You gift has gone a long way towards increasing the depth of ministry we are able to provide.

Thank you for you generous gift. Thanks also for being willing to use your church’s resources in creative ways to further God’s Kingdom. Please know that you are always welcome at the Stewart Center and that we value your ministry partnership. We look forward to a strong ministry partnership in the future and hope that we can find ways to give back to your ministry efforts in Decatur and the surrounding community.




Clayton E. Davis

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