Are you listening?


First things first.
Keep the main thing the main thing.
Get your priorities straight.
Know what matters most.
Don’t sweat the small stuff.

These familiar clichés remind us to keep our attention focused on what is important in life; to make choices that are consistent with what really matters; to remember those things in life that truly make a difference. But, as I choose priorities in my life the question I always encounter is: what is really important? How do I determine what is important, what really matters, or what makes a difference in my life and the world around me.

There are plenty of voices in my life that tell me what is important: the call of career
advancement and greater income; the voices of someone else’s urgent need for my attention; the voices of family and friends, of job and entertainment. The hard part is knowing which voices I should choose to give my attention to.

What is really important? What truly matters in life? In my life, I find the answers to those
questions when I maintain habits of spiritual listening for direction from God. Read Scripture prayerfully to hear what God is saying to me. Make time to quiet the noise in my heart, to listen in silence for the voice of God’s spirit. As I regularly attend to the guidance of God’s spirit for my life, I become aware of what is really important in life. A daily habit of contemplative reading of Scripture and meditative prayer enable me to determine what is truly important and what is merely noise.

As you determine what is important, what voices are you listening to?

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