It’s All About Choices

Sometimes when I travel I enjoy noticing the interesting names of businesses. While traveling through an unnamed nearby state I saw two different businesses with very interesting names – The Boar’s Butt is a barbeque restaurant – I’m sure it is quite tasty! The other is the Act of Faith Hair Salon.

I guess it takes an act of faith to allow some people to style your hair! Just down the street from my church I noticed a new business has put out their sign: It’s All About Choices DUI School. The owners of that business have figured out the central issue in managing
life – it is all about the choices we make.

Choices of life are large and small. Small choices are easier when I remember the large choices I have already made. The choice to use my life productively guides my decision to get out of bed each day. The choice to take good care of my physical health guides my choice of food to eat. The choice to care for God’s creation means I choose to recycle paper, glass, and plastic at home.

The choice to be a follower of Jesus guides many smaller choices. Because I choose to follow
Jesus I choose to help others in need, accept those who are different from me, listen to those who are lonely, care for those who are sick.

Choices that are often repeated become habits. Habits shape our lives. Yes, life truly is all
about choices. What choices will you make today?


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