VBS 2010: Joseph’s Journey

We’re glad to report that our Vacation Bible School was a wonderful success. The most important marker of success is that we witnessed children growing in the knowledge of God, relationship with one another, and understanding of the Biblical story of Joseph and his “journey from prison to palace.” With songs, crafts, real reptiles, games, God-sightings, hieroglyphics, laughter and some “Egyptian food,” these twenty-three children shared their lives with us. This allowed us to create a space for the leaders and the children to experience the story of Joseph together in a fresh way for some and for others, the first time.

We are grateful for Ellen Cook, who took the role of organizing and planning VBS this year. Her leadership was tireless, persistent and inspirational! We are also thankful for the dozen or so volunteers who gave of their time and/or resources. All these efforts provided the opportunity for God to work in the lives of all who participated. We may never know the full impact, but I am certain that these children had a vital experience of faith that will be significant in their faith formation. I invite you to continue to be in prayer for the seeds that were planted during Vacation Bible School.


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