Future Plans of the Scott Boulevard Baptist Church Property


After waiting nearly two years, the sale of our property to Fuqua
Development closed on June 25, 2014.  At the recommendation of the Special
Committee, the church selected the CBF (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship) Foundation to manage our endowment established from the proceeds of the sale.  There will be two separate funds established.  We have set aside a tithe (10%) of the property sale amount as
the Alberta Canady Mission Fund.  This fund will be used to provide grants
to mission and ministry partners, particularly local ministries which we
already support.  Alberta’s legacy of missions leadership will be remembered
and honored through this fund.  We also have established the SBBC Legacy
Fund as an endowment to support the ongoing ministries of our church.  A
percentage of the earnings of this fund will be added to church offerings to
continue the work of our church.

The rich legacy of ministry of Scott Boulevard Baptist Church will continue
through these two endowments.



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